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Headlamp annotations

You can provide some extra information about your Headlamp plugins by using the annotations field in the Artifact Hub package metadata file.

Supported annotations

  • headlamp/plugin/archive-url (string, required)

Plugin archive tarball URL (e.g. “https://…/my-archive.tar.gz”).

  • headlamp/plugin/archive-checksum (string, required)

Plugin archive tarball checksum (e.g. “sha256:MY_CHECKSUM”).

  • headlamp/plugin/version-compat (string, optional)

Headlamp versions this plugin is compatible with (e.g. “>=1.2.3”).

  • headlamp/plugin/distro-compat (string, optional)

Headlamp flavor this plugin is compatible with (e.g. one or more of app, in-cluster, web, docker-desktop, linux, windows, mac).


  headlamp/plugin/archive-url: "https://.../my-archive.tar.gz"
  headlamp/plugin/archive-checksum: "sha256:MY_CHECKSUM"
  headlamp/plugin/version-compat: ">=1.2.3"
  headlamp/plugin/distro-compat: "in-cluster,web,docker-desktop"