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Artifact Hub CLI tool (ah)

Artifact Hub includes a command line interface tool named ah. You can check that your packages are ready to be listed on AH by using the lint subcommand.

Integrating the linter into your CI workflow may help catching errors early. You can find an example of how to do it with GitHub Actions here.


You can install the pre-compiled binary, use Docker or compile from source.

Pre-compiled binary

Pre-compiled binaries for MacOS, Linux and Windows are available at the releases page. You can also install it using Homebrew or Scoop.


brew install artifacthub/cmd/ah


scoop bucket add artifacthub
scoop install artifacthub/ah


You can run ah from a Docker container. The latest Docker image available can be found in the Docker Hub.

Compiling from source

To compile from source you’ll need Go installed. Once you are ready to go, please follow these steps:

git clone
cd hub/cmd/ah
go install


Please run ah help for more information about the different subcommands and the options available.