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Tekton tasks repositories

Artifact Hub is able to process Tekton tasks listed in Tekton catalog repositories. It supports catalogs using the directory-based versioning structure as well as catalogs using the newer and recommended git-based versioning structure. Repositories are expected to be hosted in GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket. When adding your repository to Artifact Hub, the url used must follow the following format:


By default the master branch is used, but it’s possible to specify a different one from the UI. It’s important that /path/to/packages points to the directory that contains all the tasks.

For more information about the structure of the Tekton catalog repository, please see the Tekton catalog official documentation (directory-based versioning and git-based versioning).

Most of the metadata Artifact Hub needs is extracted from the task’s manifest file. However, there is some extra Artifact Hub specific metadata that you can set using some special annotations in the manifest file. For more information, please see the Artifact Hub Tekton annotations documentation.

There is an extra metadata file that you can add to your repository named artifacthub-repo.yml, which can be used to setup features like Verified publisher or Ownership claim. This file must be located at the root of the repository.

Example repository: Tekton Catalog Tasks